Game Theory: A Brief Introduction

Game Theory   the analysis of strategies for dealing with competitive situations between two or more players All I do is win In the many games of life the old saying goes “Sometimes you win sometimes you lose”. What if you could always win, or at best avoid losing? This […]


The return of MEH?

Academic interest in financial markets is ubiquitous these days. The news of mathematicians, physicists and engineers, and other professions going into financial markets are not unusual in our time. But it was not always like this, there was a time when financial markets were seen with disrespect in academia, they […]


La chute du pétrole n'est pas terminée

C’est la panique qui a frappé les marchés boursiers ce lundi, suite à l’échec des négociations des pays de l’OPEP qui s’étaient réunis ce dimanche à Doha. Le but de cette rencontre était d’obtenir un accord unanime concernant la décision de fixer la quantité d’offre à celle de février 2016. […]


The European Union deflation problem

Last Thursday, Eurostat launched its report concerning inflation in the Eurozone for the month of March. It was estimated at – 0.1%. This result is problematic because the European Union’s Bank (ECB) status decrees it has to flirt with 2% per year. Inflation has always fluctuated around this value between […]


International money flows

Since the explosion of international trades and the success of capitalism in the last two centuries, international money flows have become very important. These flows are materialized as foreign investments and trades. At the international scale, the issue is that we deal with more than one currency (for example Euro […]