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Conference JPMorgan – “Investment Insights”


TFA a eu l’honneur d’accueillir J.P.Morgan à l’EPFL ce mercredi 18 mars 2015. Voici les photos de la conférence Merci à tous ceux qui se […]

Conférence – “Quantitative Finance : Live and let die”

TFA a eu l’honneur d’accueillir ce Mercredi 4 mars à 18h en salle CE5 à l’EPFL : T. VEILLET (C.E.O. chez ainsi que S. […]



OPEC enters a price war with the US for market share


Oil prices are currently at the center of every discussion: The prices seem to be on a never-ending decline: The Brent ended the week at […]

Are we inside a tech bubble ?


  Every day, we hear from an insane IPO, offer or purchase in the sector of Technology. It seems like each time, bids get higher […]

International money flows


Since the explosion of international trades and the success of capitalism in the last two centuries, international money flows have become very important. These flows […]

Swiss people reject the Gold Initiative

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  On the 30th of November, we, the Swiss people, voted on the popular initiative « Sauvez l’or de la Suisse » of the UDC. It was […]

Investment Banks – IPO


The first thing you have to know about investment banks is that they are not banks. The role of such a structure is to help […]

Monetary Policy – The Federal Reserve


The Federal Reserve (often called Fed) is the central bank of the U.S.A. responsible for the american currency: the U.S. dollar. Its goals can be […]

The US economy is leading the way

Back in 2008, the USA plunged the world in one of it’s most violent financial crisis. Everything started with the subprime crisis. The real alarm […]