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Visite SIX Zurich


  La TFA a eu le plaisir d’organiser une visite du SIX à Zurich le lundi 20 avril 2015. Merci au SIX et à tous […]

Conference JPMorgan – “Investment Insights”


TFA a eu l’honneur d’accueillir J.P.Morgan à l’EPFL ce mercredi 18 mars 2015. Voici les photos de la conférence Merci à tous ceux qui se […]

Conférence – “Quantitative Finance : Live and let die”

TFA a eu l’honneur d’accueillir ce Mercredi 4 mars à 18h en salle CE5 à l’EPFL : T. VEILLET (C.E.O. chez ainsi que S. […]



OPEC enters a price war with the US for market share


Oil prices are currently at the center of every discussion: The prices seem to be on a never-ending decline: The Brent ended the week at […]

Are we inside a tech bubble ?


  Every day, we hear from an insane IPO, offer or purchase in the sector of Technology. It seems like each time, bids get higher […]

International money flows


Since the explosion of international trades and the success of capitalism in the last two centuries, international money flows have become very important. These flows […]

Swiss people reject the Gold Initiative

rtr4dkyr-jpg (1)

  On the 30th of November, we, the Swiss people, voted on the popular initiative « Sauvez l’or de la Suisse » of the UDC. It was […]

Investment Banks – IPO


The first thing you have to know about investment banks is that they are not banks. The role of such a structure is to help […]

Monetary Policy – The Federal Reserve


The Federal Reserve (often called Fed) is the central bank of the U.S.A. responsible for the american currency: the U.S. dollar. Its goals can be […]